Student Services On Managing Domain Names

Managing Domain Names

One of our earliest businesses, magazine subscriptions – university students, high school kids can get an education price for magazines, adn we have a website, Similar site, sells education priced software to university and high school kids. Then we have a little bit different style websites. We have, we thing the world’s biggest textbook exchange, with It’s a marketing place where students can buy and sell textbooks. We own, big shared accommodation website. We have a student version of that, which is called so quite a range of businesses with the one thing in common being university students.

Encompassing Big Brand

I guess in our company we’ve had a big debate about whether we should have one encompassing big brand and just a single brand across all the services. We do partially do that with a website called and that puts a lot of our services in a package.

  • I guess the reason we haven’t completely done that is, one is historically we’ve built each of these sites sequentially and they’ve ended up with their own name.
  • Secondly from a functional point of view – if you are at a magazine site and its called magazines4students, already I know I’m in the right place. If I’m thinking of buying a textbook and I want to search textbooks – textbookexchange sounds like the right place to be doing it.
  • The last reason is Google. So much of our traffic comes from Google. If I wake up today and want to buy a second hand textbook I’m not going to type in studentvip into Google, I’m going to type in second hand text books. We’re number one for the word textbooks with textbook exchange, so we decided we didn’t want to mess with that.

So we’ve kept separate domains and separete functioanlity so you know from a functional point of view it works quite nicely – and then tried to link them through a couple of over-arching websites. Not renewing domains names. Some of the domain names I’ve accidently not kept on top of. We only recently put all our domains in Netregistry, in one place so we can keep an eye on where they all are – Very very important.

Valuable  Domain

We’ve let some wonderful domain names go. you’ve got to be careful to, you put them all in one place and if you’ve got a lot of domain names it becomes even more important to do that because you might have a lot of domain names you don’t care too much about, you don’t mind if they expire. They were thoughts and other strategies that aren’t going to happen, but amongst them are some really valuable ones. So you’ve got to make sure if you have a lot of domains, particularly you’re valuable ones are getting renewed.

My number one tip for domains, I think the first thing is go to Google trends. If you want a generic name, you need to find a generic name in Australia that is ranking really highly in Google is searched a lot. So I go to Google trends and see what domains are available around the big search terms.


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