Setting Domain Name With Mailify

Setting Domain Name

Authenticating your domain name allows you to optimize the responsiveness of your campaigns and reassure its recipients. Authentication is a set of technical standards used by email services to verify the identity of the sender and fight against spam.

Register Domain Name

How to register your domain name with Mailify? Go to your account settings Click the “Domains” tab, there you have 2 options: Choose your own domain name or create a new domain name with Mailify. Let’s see how to use your own domain name in your campaigns Choose the option “I have my own domain name and I want to use it” and select “By delegation.” Enter the subdomain followed by your domain name. In our example, we use “newsletter” as a subdomain. Click the “Verify” button. Mailify will generate a registry key. This will prove that you are the owner of the completed domain. Select this key and copy it. Go to the interface of your domain provider.

DNS Nameserver

In the DNS section, add a new entry, choose “TXT” and paste the key you just copied into Mailify. The key is added to your list. Go back to Mailify and click “next step” You will see two new NS records to add to the domain provider interface. Select the first record, copy it. Go back to the interface of your domain provider, add it in the DNS section under NS entry. In the Subdomain box, type the name of your subdomain. In our example, we use the newsletter as a subdomain.

In the destination field, paste the record that you copied earlier. Repeat the same steps for the second record Be sure to select the endpoint at the end of the key when copying/pasting the key into Mailify. After entering the two NS records, go back to Mailify and click “Save” It may take up to 48 hours for the changes to be processed. To make things simpler, Mailify helps you directly create a new domain name which will automatically authenticate your submissions. Enter the domain you have chosen and check its availability.

If the domain name is available, you can book it by clicking the “Buy” button “Once your order is complete, Mailify registers and configures your domain name, which can take several hours. Once validated, it will be operational and you can use it for your next campaigns. By customizing and authenticating domain name, your email address will be unique and this will reassure their recipients. The links used for behavioral follow-up will also be customized with your domain name. These elements will optimize the delivery of your campaigns in your inboxes of your recipients and will preserve your reputation as a sender.


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