Registering A Domain Name and Account Owner’s Domain Access Management

Registering Domain Name

So you’ve got a great idea, and now you need to register a domain name. Follow these three easy steps to bring that great idea to life online.

  • Step one, find your domain name. You’ve come to the right place. Find out if your dream .ca domain name is available by searching on Your domain name should be short and memorable but still represent you and your brand online. If the domain you want isn’t available, no worries. We’ve got some great alternative domain names and spellings that will set you apart from the rest.
  • Step two, choose a registrar. A registrar is an online retailer that sells domain names and other services like email, hosting, and website builders. All of the registrars listed on are certified and trusted, so you’re sure to find one to suit all your online needs.
  • Step three, register your domain name. You’re ready to register your domain name on your registrar’s website. It’s time to launch your great idea into that infinite online world and good news, research shows that Canadians tend to prefer and trust .ca websites when they search and shop online.

Account Owner’s Domain Access Management

Domain access management allows account owners to control who gets access to the custom domains and restrict access to client custom domains to team members within a subaccount. Either click the gear and select domains, then click domain access management or click your profile icon and select domain access.

Grant Access

These are the domains that are connected to your account. You can grant or revoke access to these domains for any of the subaccounts on your account. To grant access, select grant access to additional subaccount in the pop up, click on the desired subaccount. To complete, click grant access. To revoke access, click revoke then confirm that you’d like to revoke and you’re done. To disconnect domains from this account, click edit. Select the domains you’d like to disconnect, click the disconnect button then confirm the disconnection.


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