How To Set Up A Personal Domain Name?

Personal Domain Name

Once you have selected the domain name and the tld that you want to use it is time to buy it.

Choose A Domain Name Registrar

The first thing that you need to do is choose a domain name registrar. This is a company accredited by the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers or by a national country code tld authority to register internet domain names. These companies are often distinct from the wholesale domain name registry operator. For example the wholesale registry operator for the TV domain is Verisign. This company is in charge of managing the dot TV registrations in its entirety.

Verisign sells domains using distributors such as,,, etc. Most domain registrars sell a variety of generic and country tld’s. One of the biggest domain registrars is Go to its website and look for the domain that you want to purchase. On the field enter the desired domain name and choose an extension from the drop down box.


If the domain name is available, that is it hasn’t been previously registered you will have the opportunity of adding it to your shopping cart. If the desired extension is already registered the website will verify if the same name but with another extension is available. The website will provide additional domain name options that you might be interested in purchasing. Godaddy will also offer premium domain names. These are domains that have been previously registered by someone but now they are being resold for a more expensive price.

Premium domain prices significantly vary. For example the domain was sold for about 7.5 million dollars in 1999. It will take a while to find an available domain name suitable for your website especially if you want a dot com tld. Once you find one add it to your shopping cart and then you will have the possibility of creating an account on the godaddy website and pay for your domain using credit card or paypal. When you buy your domain you will choose how many years you will use it. In reality you do not buy the domain. You are just renting it. You need to pay a fee for every year that you have a domain. Most domain registrars give special discounts if you buy the domain for more than one year.


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