How To Purchase Domain From Registrar?

Domain Registrar

If your domain is available when you click on search button now click on the Add to cart button and then continue to card on this window want to specify period of subscription time period. We generally here will purchase this domain for one year so we will select 1 year. This is your promotional code so don’t remove it if you remove it then your total amount will increase. Now click on the Proceed to checkout button on this window you want to sign with You can create account with facebook also but we are creating a new account click here to create a new account if you are working in account on the email textbox in enter your username.

Purchasing Process

Make sure your username is between 5 to 15 characters and don’t have any space in your username and enter a unique user. Now i see what your password is. Make sure your password length will be at least 9 characters. It contains uppercase letter, lowercase letter and number and also don’t add in space. Now go daddy will ask you to generate 4 digit pin. This pin is used when you require support from go daddy for that they will require to add four digit pin. After you have entered your support pin and click on create account on this going to want to be lover billing information so we will see that after you fill your billing information scroll down and fill your payment method.

When you fill it click on continue on this window. If you fill this information correct then click on place your order button after this your bank will see new OTP message to your registered mobile number and the six digit otp number give a in your message and click on make payment that’s it. On the next window we will see our payment in. You can print it if you want that you are main window and click on the domain name from here you can manage your domain now type your domain name is browser search bar that you have purchased your domain.


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