How To Create Your Domain Name?

Create Domain Name

The first step is to create your domain name. Your domain name is your web address. With Haverford Sites, you can choose a sub domain option or top-level domain option. Here are the differences.

Sub Domain Option

If you go with a sub domain option, your domain name will have at the end. It is free. But you need to choose a new domain name, when you leave Haverford, if you want to keep the content. If you go with a top- level domain option, you can choose whatever domain name you want as long as it is available. You want to spend some time thinking about your choice and checking availability before you sign up.

Cost For Top-Level Domain Option

There are a lot of sites you can use and, is one of them. You need to pay $12.00 per year for the top-level domain option. You will be asked for the credit card information when you create your domain. If you go with the top-level domain option, you can keep the same domain name after you leave Haverford and once you decide what domain name you want, let’s get started. To create your domain name, go to and click the Get Started button. Type your Haverford username and password.

If you want to go with a sub domain option, leave the default option selected and enter in the sub domain name you want. If you want to go with the top-level domain option, select “Register a new domain” and enter the name you want, Click Continue. Then follow the onscreen instructions and for this article, I am going to choose the sub domain option and name it demo. Click Continue Confirm that you like the name you selected. Click the sign up button. Your domain name is created and now you are in cPanel.


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