How Do I Point A Domain To Spacecraft Site?

Point Domain

Update Domain’s DNS Zone File

One key website setup step requires you to update your domain’s DNS zone file. DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is this system that connects your domain to hosted websites on the live web yo point your domain to SpaceCraft, first login to your domain registrar. Your domain registrar is the place you went to, to purchase your domain name. is an example of a very popular domain registrar that many of our customers use. We will be logging into GoDaddy today as an example, in order to show you how to update your DNS records for SpaceCraft. After you login to GoDaddy, you’ll be presented with a view of the Products and Domains that you currently subscribe to.

DNS Management

Next to your Domain, select the DNS button to be taken into the DNS Management area. Every Domain registrar should provide you an area to manage DNS records, so if you can’t find yours then we recommend you reach out to their support team. From the DNS area, you will see a list of all records currently in the DNS record file. Look at the current records and if you already have an A-record inputted, edit it by using the pencil icon next to it.

The Host field should show an at-sign, put one in if it’s not there. Replace the IP address seen in the Points to field. Our IP address is In the TTL area, select Custom and then enter 600 Seconds. If there isn’t an A-record seen, add a new one by selecting the green Add button at the bottom of the records. Under the Type dropdown, you will need to select the A-record type.

Then, input the at-sign into the Host field. In the Points to field, input our IP address, it is In the TTL area, select Custom and then enter 600 Seconds. Select the green Save button and your new A-record is instantly saved into the DNS zone file. This should be all that you need to do to point the domain to SpaceCraft, so you can now exit GoDaddy. If you haven’t done so already, the domain needs to be added into your Dashboard.


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