Functions Of DNS and Working In A Computer Network

DNS Working

The process of converting a domain name into an IP address is called Forward DNS Lookup and The process of converting an IP address into a domain name it is called Reverse DNS Lookup. Let’s find out how DNS works in a computer network. The time you enter any website name into your web browser your computer don’t know what is the IP address of that particular website? So in this case first of all your computer look for the IP address in its local DNS cache. If it finds the IP address then you can directly able to browse that particular website but if it does not find the IP address in its lock and DNS cache. It is going to forward its query to the ISP recursive DNS server.

The recursive DNS server is also going to check the IP address in its local DNS cache If it find the IP address, it will directly provide the IP address to your computer And if it don’t find the IP address it is going to forward its query to the root server. Now your ISP recursive DNS server forward its query to the dot-com TLD named server So the TLD name server is going to send you the address of DNS server. This DNS server is responsible for knowing all the information about a specific domain which are restored in DNS record?


There are many types of record where each contains a different kind of information. In this example we want to know the IP address for learnabhi site ISP recursive server stores this IP Address in its local DNS Cache So that next time if someone requests for this address he can directly provide the address from its DNS cache. Once it is store the IP address in its cache It is going to provide the IP address to your computer and bingo. It’s all done and your computer is able to access the website the IP Address which we have received from the DNS server is not Permanent and it is stored in our local DNS Cache for lease period of time And once this IP Address get expired and you are trying to access the website you may get an error message page not found.

On this scenario what you have to do is you have to remove the DNS cache from your computer how to do this let’s find out So for removing the DNS cache from your computer just go to run and type CMD and hit enter. It will prompt you to the command prompt in the command type ipconfig space forward slash flush DNS and hit enter so as you can see it says successfully flush the DNS resolver cache so this is how you can remove the cache from your computer now go to your web page and refresh the page.


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