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hi folks this a Tundra Briggs from internet marketing tool tips com with another tool tip for you today I would like to look at a website that I use to do the main name research the name of the say is domains but if you’re searching google it should be the number one search result so let’s just go into website itself when you first get there you’re presented with a search box where you just put in your keyword that you’ve maybe done some research on you’ve come up with a keyboard and you’re now interested to see if there are any available domain names related to that keywords so in this example I will use a key word related to fishing so we’ve never done some keyword research and we’ve come up with fishing made easy so you type in fishing made easy enter search box and instantly the mains bot brings up a set of results you’ll see at the top of the results you can choose whether you want to see available domains and our premium domains and you can just choose the checkbox appropriately for your own results you also see that on the left hand side this is really where the means board comes into its own it has a number of options to allow you to modify your search and based on that criteria that means what will present you with a new self results to match that criteria so for instance I can search for dot coms I can also include nets and method orgs under here we can also search using synonyms which again is a great feature one of the best features I think under the main sport tool so for fishing for instance you maybe want to expand that some niche keywords so fly fishing for instance separated with a comma also or sea fishing and maybe coarse fishing my coarse fishing and you can also include hyphenated keywords as well so for instance fly hyphen fishing course hyphen fishing and see Nathan Fletcher so we have a number of Fae we have a number of synonyms there to use as we select them these things are updated in the search results it’s also suggested a number of synonyms for meat which are not deval so we’ll just get rid of them hit in the X and for the synonyms for easy will replace some of them with simpler and easier so as you keep changing your criteria the mains bot continually updates its list of results another good part is you can also add suffixes or prefixes so if you hit the edit button you can either add a lot of prefixes yourself or you can choose from a number of predefined lists from the drop-down box the reason this is a great feature is because you maybe haven’t thought of some of the words are options and by using this feature you can then be presented with the means that you remember not even thought of trying and yet the means but will present them if they’re available to you so you can do that for prefixes or suffixes I’ll not say actually include any in the search results you can search for premium domains if you really want to it’s not something I’m interested in doing so we’ll just uncheck that again and you can order by different things relevance or maybe you want a domain to be smaller or shorter more memorable so you just choose number of words maybe and that will distort it in the right order for you you can also exclude dashes if you wish and also X with numbers for charity so once you update though your selection criteria you can start running through the options that the main sports presented to you so for instance fishing made easy calm is available but only to purchase through sido fishing midi z dot net is registered and not available but fishing made easy the orgasm ailable so you could use that there’s also the hyphenated version of fishing midi z dot com that is available similarly so as the dot org and donate so as you can see it presents you with a number of options and you can just really go through and choose the domains that you’re interested in and you head off to your own registrar and get these domains registered for yourself so the only one thing that i would point out is if you are doing searches for both a hyphenated unknown hyphenated synonyms you also have to watch out for a hybrid the means that pop up Sorensen’s fly-fishing the hyphenated synonym peers also with non hyphenated made easy so you just have to be careful just watch out for the results and make sure that you’re registering the domain that you you really want and maybe not a hybrid one okay if I hope you found that useful it’s a great tool I live using it this is the first day stop for me when I’m looking for a new domain it once I’ve done some keyword research okay speaks in bye for now

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